Saturday, September 20, 2014

"We Create Matlosana"
At last!!!....

Hello everybody! I'm back after a long break! Life has been very hectic this side, so I apologise for my long absence and will try make it up to you all!

Can you remember when we had our local quilt festival? Well, I took some photographs of some local youngsters who are passionate about the Arts and Culture and belong to a group called " We Create Matlosana". The CEO  is Mogomotsi Motingoa. They focus on film making, photography, fine art, fashion design, graphic design, dramatic arts and performing arts which are represented within the district of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda. They do marketing and post videos and pics on Utube and facebook and promote young film makers from the area.

A Johannesburg based company - Script 2 Screen were busy giving a film workshop on the day of the Quilt Festival, so I felt it proper to share with you.

I wish them all of the best with their endeavours!

Thanks for stopping by. See you soon!