Sunday, December 18, 2016

Some more of the beautiful pics I found, that Van Zyl Taljaard took! This young man has talent and a 'feel' for his subject!

Hi there everybody!

I was just browsing through some of my photographs and found some that Van Zyl Taljaard took of the same farm at sunset. They are amazing and this young man  has talent. Please enjoy them with me.....

Hello again everybody!

I trust you are all well?

Seeing our friend Giaan again today reminded me of my Blog and my neglect thereof! My apologies!!!
I have not finished my story of his beautiful farm and pics.

Good morning once again!

We are still visiting "Ceylon" and enjoying the old sandstone buildings!
Below is the old barn which could be converted into a beautiful wedding venue.

Some old milking sheds

During the course of the weekend I took my camera and went for a walk down to the river and in the long grass I came across these bones. They  could possibly be those of a young calf or sheep.

The day became extremely hot so I decided to head back to the farmhouse to enjoy a cold drink with good friends and company.

Take care and see you soon.
Hello again everybody! It's almost weekend.

There's something about this farm that we visit, that I love so much! I think it's the tranquility and wide open spaces that the Free State is so famous for.