Friday, June 27, 2014

Suitcase love....

Hello again everybody!

Here are the pics of my completed suitcase. I thoroughly enjoyed decorating it! It looks almost like a Scrapbooking page; since I used my scrapbooking embellishments to do the trick! My dear friend and most amazing scrapbooking teacher in our country Petro, will be very proud of me, so I dedicate this post to her and my awesome creative sister in law Deirdre Snook who encouraged and motivated me to try my hand at Annie Sloan's Paint! Thanks Dee! You can follow her on her blog:

An overall view of the completed suitcase. I'm soo thrilled with it!

I decided to add a strip of shabby lace to the front of the lid!

Here's a pic of my mom and me sitting on my dad's shoulder. I was about 5 yrs old!

My late brother - Werndley. I decided that this will be a case of precious memories!

The side....

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Suitcase Savvy.....

I have a serious love for suitcases and any form of luggage / travel bags!!
I recently found this old suitcase and decided to paint it and decorate it with sentimental momentos! Annie Sloan paint - "Old White" - was the choice of the day! I then finished it off with a touch of dark wax and last but not least used some precious photos of myself as a young girl with my parents and late brother. I also added some scrapbooking decorations with meaningful words.

Tell me what you think....

The inside of the case..... I wanted to retain the original covering so decopaged it with clear

After the first coat

The inside of the lid. I used a dark wax to highlight the corners etc..

I like the handle and lock as they are still in excellent condition, so decided not to paint them.

I will post the final and completed suitcase tomorrow! 
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Last of Moholoholo.....

Sadly our visit to Moholoholo came to an end. The hyenas were quite curious & unafraid of being surrounded by so many people and were able to come up close to us.

These honey badgers are awesome characters and are very tenacious! We were told that the one in the foreground has escaped from his enclosure a number of times and was caught and returned to his den. They are crafty creatures as he built himself a 'ramp' up against the wall and climbed over. So anything in his cage that remotely resembles a tool for escaping, has to be removed immediately! Amazing!!

I sincerely trust that you have enjoyed this trip and visit with us? Thankyou for stopping by.
Hope to see you soon! God bless and take care!

Friday, June 6, 2014

BIG Cats....
After we left the birds of prey, we moved onto the big cats' enclosure! One only realises how massive a lion actually is when one is up close and (un)comfortable, even though we had a high fence separating us from them. The adrenalin certainly rushes....

This male jumps up to catch a piece of meat that was thrown over the fence to him!

These paws look so menacing!

Credit goes to my daughter Cheney for taking most of these photographs! Thankyou my angel!

This leopard was quite playful and enjoyed showing her little stints to us

This cheetah was rather docile but got irritated with us standing so close to the fence and started flicking its tail. We were able to touch it through the fence if we wanted to..... but didnt!

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