Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pilanesberg Game Reserve.......(cont)

Hello again everybody! As promised; more on my trip to the game reserve and relevant photographs.

There are massive Common Coral Trees outside the hotel at Sun City and I was fortunate enough to catch a troop of vervet monkeys in them and some of the local birdlife as well. The monkeys had broken into some of the hotel rooms and stolen the sugar. It was such a treat to watch them tearing open the packets and sucking on the sweet white sugar!

Are the colours not amazing?

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Well, as promised, I am back with more pics of the Pilanesberg Game Reserve and Sun City surroundings. We encountered an elephant calf lying in the middle of the road, enjoying the heat of the tar road, with mom keeping a watchful eye nearby. We waited for about an hour for the youngster to get up, before we could continue. What an amazing experience to just quietly sit and listen to the sounds of the bush.

At first I thought he was dead because he lay sooo still!

Once he had warmed up, he slowly got up and moved towards his mother who was patiently waiting for him!

I hope that you have enjoyed this little encounter we had with the elephant calf. 
Thanks for stopping by. See you soon!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Hello everybody!

Almost a year ago since I worked on my Blog! Sorry for the loooong break, but so much has happened since this time last year!

My life has taken so many twists and turns that I'm not too sure where to start.

Since then my daughter Cheney has found a permanent job at a game lodge - Phelwana - in Hoedspruit. She's happy it seems, and has so many dreams. My youngest son, Rohan has decided to study an"IT" degree at a University situated close by. My eldest is doing well with his outdoor advertising business.

I realise once again how blessed we are as a family.

Since my last posts, we have acquired two cats. One is a black and white female named "Oreo" and I recently purchased a male Siamese whom a special person named "Harley". Harley purrs so loudly as soon as you approach him, that we decided to name him after the soft purr of a Harley motorcycle engine.
I will share some pics of the felines and their antics, soon.

On a different note, I would like to share some beautiful pics I recently took on a visit to the Pilanesberg, near Sun City. We came across a large herd of elephant who were very protective of their young calves. We approached dangerously close and could feel their calm energy as we parked our car and watched them. I'm sure they could hear my heart thumping in my throat as I am so afraid of these majestic animals!

I trust that you have enjoyed this new post and will share more pics in the next one. Take care and be blessed.