Monday, September 30, 2013

Back again...

Hello again... all! We are back home after a very intense week in the Eastern and Western Cape, South Africa! Saw dad, dealt with the problem builder in Aberdeen and spent two days in Mossel Bay. I mentioned in my last post before we left for the Cape, that we wanted to get away from it all and spend some quiet time together taking photographs and doing some sight-seeing; which we Mossel Bay! Was lovely but too short. How long should it have been? Will we ever be satisfied with our 'time out?' I doubt it. Maybe one day we will be able to spend more time together over longer periods of time. We still count our blessings and thank God for what we have.

A typical Karoo scene as you drive down any road there.

Just outside Middleburg along the road through the Karoo. Young people wave you down to stop and buy their handmade windmills of different sizes.

A sheep's skull lying on the side of the road when we stopped to take photos of the iron bed  grave - between Aberdeen & Graaff Reinette.

 The story goes like this... A young Voortrekker woman got sick and died of smallpox before they could get her to a doctor. Her husband buried her here and placed their cast iron bed on top of her to mark the grave. It stands as a solemn reminder of how hard life was during the Voortrekker times.The Voortrekkers were emigrant farmers who came mainly from the Eastern and Western Cape in the 1830's and 1840's on The Great Trek. These families moved or 'trekked' together to find a better and easier life in Natal, but met with hardship, trials, warring natives and death.  You will find it so interesting to read up on the Voortrekkers and The Great Trek. Do yourself the favour.

 This sad grave is quite close to the side of the main road and we pass it every time we go to Graaff Reinette.

This sign in front of the grave, is written in Afrikaans and means... 'that's all'.

The Camdeboo Mountain range. You see these beautiful mountains for miles and miles! They are never the same colour or shape, day after day!  I just revel in their beauty!

I trust that you have enjoyed my story and pics so far. I have so many more for you and cannot wait to share them all!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Taking a break.......

Dear friends and family. I am going off with my husband down to the Karoo again! We need to check up on the building alterations and catch up with dad. He's an amazing person who's overseeing everything for us and taking care of the house. Charles wants to just disappear for a few days and spend some time with me taking photographs, sightseeing and relaxing! He has very little time to relax these days so this will be a much deserved break. In fact we spend such little time together and every moment is so precious especially if it's with your best friend and companion! I feel so blessed having somebody who loves me and enjoys the same things that I do. Just heart-breaking when he has to return to West Africa again in 2 weeks time! We were shortly married when he went off, so it's not easy on any of us, but we try make the best of the little time together!
 We are both taking our cameras with and will spoil you with lots of photos and stories! I can't wait to come home and blog for you. This blog is not about me or for me but about my life and sharing the most precious moments with you. Some of you are close friends and family, extended family and some are even strangers I have never met, but grown fond of via comments, emails and messages!
So, thankyou for following me and supporting me. I hope to not disappoint you. Please pray for our safety as I will do for all your requests. Take care until we get back. God bless.xx

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Scrapbooking morning...

 Two old friends got together again today after 2 looong years! Nick and Charles at the scrapbooking class!

Nick, Petro and Charles...

Well after a looong 2yrs Charles and I were able to go scrapbooking together again at Petro. How special it was scrapping with my husband again after all this time! Petro and Nick were our gracious hosts and teacher. Karen Sterley, Cilma Lotter, Hannie & lynette also attended.
Myself, Charles, Cilma, Karen and Petro our creative teacher! We just love and appreciate these people!

I just love watching my husband scrapbook! He's so creative and has different methods and ideas to us girls. I can't wait for him to finish his page, then I will show with mine.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Star Quilt

Finally hubby's quilt has found its 'resting place' and he loves it as much as I do!

...and I have finished the crocheted baby blanket. Almost done with the next one as well.
Have so much handquilting to do on the 3x primitive quilts I started last year!!

Hope your weekend was peaceful and creative?
Have an amazing week!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Bubbles just loves sleeping on all the quilts, crocheting and whatever I make. I can chase her off and as soon as I turn my back, she's back on. Fortunately she's clean most of the time and goes to the 'doggy parlour' every week!

Excuse the bad quality of theses photos, but I took them in a hurry and quietly (with my cell phone) so that she doesn't hear me and move away.

Happy Friday 13th! Trust you all have a peaceful weekend.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Good morning everybody! Well, hubby finally arrives on Friday and I can't wait to give him his quilt!

I have already started handstitching my next one that has been waiting for me. The binding is finished, so just the quilting to do. Will show you at a later stage. I may want to make a few additions to this quilt. Will see and discuss with dear ol' Tiki!

Anyway I am enjoying the appearance of Spring and the fact that we can start planting and fixing up our gardens.

I think that I'm going to work on this corner on the side of our house. Add more paving blocks and colour. I have a 'chippy' old bench standing there in a quiet and private place.  Can't plant anything in the ground there either but can add some succulents and colourful shrubs in pots as well!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Star Quilt...

Finally I have my American Star Quilt to show you all. After our visit to the USA I felt that I just HAD TO make a quilt that reminded me of our trip there! The fabrics are reproductions from the 2nd World War and are direct copies of old designs and patterns. Some of them are called 'Old Glory Gatherings' by Primitive Gatherings by Moda. I must say I enjoyed making this quilt; from the selection of the fabrics to the cutting out and piecing together. My dear friend Tiki Brophy initially showed me how to cut and join the pieces together and then I just carried on from there.

So I hope you enjoy as much as I did making it and then photographing it. It's so much fun and so rewarding taking the photographs. One feels like a child playing "Housie House"!!

I have just finished adding this on to the back of hubby's quilt!

........and here she is...... what do you think? 

Until we meet again tomorrow or the next day. I have started hand quilting my next quilt!
Will give a preview sometime soon!

Please leave a comment. I would love to hear what you think about my quilt. Thankyou. xx

Monday, September 9, 2013

Good Morning once again!
What a busy last few weeks it's been, travelling to Johannesburg a couple of times.
Anyway, hubby arrives home this Friday, so there is lots to do before he lands!
His quilt is finally complete!! Yayyyyy!! I can't believe it! Will be taking pics this morning and posting later on today.

I bought this pretty bird feeder a while back and just don't have the heart to hang it in the garden for the elements to destroy! The sun is so harsh out here in the North West Province (South Africa), so I opted to hang it on the verandah under the rafters where it has some protection. I have 7x other feeders scattered around my garden which I keep topping up with seed, fruit, bread or whatever I have in stock. So, I think the birds are well catered for. I'm trying to introduce plants that the nectar - eating birds will also go for.

2x bird feeders that are well used at the back of the garden.

While I was sitting in hubby's study the other morning, I noticed a little 'white eye' sucking nectar from a small aloe. How privileged we are to witness them. Can you see him....right in the centre of the photograph. I didn't want to move around too much because they are terribly shy, so just took the pic from my desk.

Anyway I have to set up the props for my 'Star Quilt' so that I can take some nice photographs for you all! Take care. Until next time.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

(American) Star Quilt

I started this quilt a few months ago for my husband's birthday and have to finish it now! He returns from Ghana next week -13th Sept - and I really want to give it to him. The hand stitching takes very long as I also have a few other projects that I'm working on in between as well, but I have to now get finished!

Here's a sneak peek....

I enjoy visiting my dear friend Tiki Brophy, where we happily stitch and chat in her Quilt Room. You can also follow her on her I always feel so motivated and inspired when I spend time with her.

I was on facebook a couple of years ago and then took myself off, because of some misconceptions I had, but now am back on (with my daughter's assistance and Tiki's persistance) and have no regrets. I have discovered a 'treasure trove' and wealth of information at my finger tips. I don't like talking nonsense to people - just to say something. I love following a handful of people and chatting to them, especially from other countries. Who knows.... I may just learn Italian, Spanish or French? The ladies are so sweet, friendly and knowledgeable with the products that they sell! They are deep, warm, intelligent, inspiring, creative and very helpful!! I have purchased some items overseas and they have been so helpful. I could go on and on. Perhaps I should share their names with you and you can see for yourselves. Of course I have a few close friends and family members here and overseas, and....that's it!!
I really enjoy spending time working on my hobbies, gardening and interior of my home that I don't have time for empty things.

Here are my favourite people and their facebook pages that I follow. Please do yourselves a favour and
have a look at them.....

I'm sure that I will also add more to this list as time passes by.

- Primitive Quilting - gorgeous fabrics and patterns and very affordable compared to our S.A prices! Crystal is a darling!

- Ines Marta Quilt House - they have just brought out their latest book! Absolutely awesome! Such kind and helpful ladies.

- Victoria's Webb - a real sweetheart who sells such amazing vintage products from the U.K. She will also accommodate your every need.

- Rouge Cerise - beautiful lady and fb page.

- Jugando Con Telas Inma - gorgeous!

- Country Life and Other Passions - Anna is so creative and a talented jewellery maker. She also goes by the name of Anna Giganto. Beautiful lady.

- Linen Closet Designs -Dawn Heese - A beautiful quilter who designs quilt and cross stitch patterns and fabric with a vintage feel.

- Hekel - Crochet Accessories - my favourite South African. Beautiful Hester will make a plan to supply all our creative needs for crochet supplies. She's amazing and creative herself, kind and friendly.

I love them all and appreciate their efforts and hard work with the service they are providing for us around the world.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some inspiration.....  for our house in the Karoo...

I have soooo many small pieces of fabric in my stash and can quite easily convert a crochet tablecloth or something for the valance. Hope it also inspires you to do something special and inexpensive for a window treatment?

I recently saw this dresser in a local shop here in our town and had my eye on it for a long time. After trying to convince the owner to sell it to me, he decided that he wanted to keep it for the shop. I sadly left my name and cell number in case he changed his mind, and went home.
I popped around there last week and asked where the dresser was. The shop assistant told me that it was sold!!! can you believe it? I often wonder why people do that??
Anyway, I consoled myself with the fact that I will find a better one at a later stage. Who knows????

Good morning!!

We are already in full swing into the new week! Gee, but time is flying... just too fast!!!

I visited our local Nursery some time ago and found these beautiful rustic signs! They can be found at Irene Lifestyle Garden Centre in Klerksdorp and are not that expensive either. There was such a big variety to choose from at the time. In fact i had the first one "A busy Quilter lives here" especially made for myself. I just love the rusty simple material - metal- that the artist uses. Apparantely she lives not too far from Klerksdorp either. You can join Irene Lifestyle Garden Centre on facebook. Go have a look at their page, as they have recently changed ownership and I've known Cobus Swanepoel & his wife Annemarie for many years. Awesome people who will go the 'extra mile' for you!!

Have a beautiful day!