Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Quilt Festival

This post is also dedicated to the memory of Anneke Blaise, editor of the Home Magazine! I am devastated at her passing away!! Please send a prayer up for her family! Thankyou!

The day has dawned on our annual Quilt Festival and we are all sooo excited to be part of the preparations. I did some gardening and cleaning up in front of the Warden's House!

The front 'stoep' / porch of the old house. This is where the prison warden lived, as this house is on the property of the old Prison; which is now a beautiful museum!

Some typical South African flowers....Proteas placed at the front door, in an old can

A tree decorated with old bottles and frames

A bird house in the tree

I just love this decorative old wagon that takes pride of place outside on special ocassions!

Hope you are enjoying the visit to the Museum. See you tomorrow with lots of quilts!
Take care and God bless!!

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