Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Graduation time.....

This is a graduation ceremony like none other I have ever experienced! All the graduation ceremonies I have  attended, have taken place in a huge hall, with formal wear, micro phones, lots of noise & bright lights!!!

Here is Laetitia Cronje giving a speech, with Wouter on the left.

It's tradition for the students to be 'branded' with a "C" for Campfire Academy at the ceremony. I must add that it's a voluntary exercise!

Awwww!!!!  Ouch!!!...there goes my beautiful daughter's ankle!! A brave girl....

Laetitia is a remarkable woman with an abundance of knowledge. She is like a walking Encyclopedia!! I am so thankful for everything she has taught my daughter; confidence and knowledge of the bush that has left our mouths hanging open!
You can like their page "Campfire Academy" on facebook.

All the students who passed their FGASA Level 1 course! A proud moment!

My mom, Gran, with Cheney!

Thankyou for popping in. Hope to see you soon!

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