Monday, June 16, 2014

Last of Moholoholo.....

Sadly our visit to Moholoholo came to an end. The hyenas were quite curious & unafraid of being surrounded by so many people and were able to come up close to us.

These honey badgers are awesome characters and are very tenacious! We were told that the one in the foreground has escaped from his enclosure a number of times and was caught and returned to his den. They are crafty creatures as he built himself a 'ramp' up against the wall and climbed over. So anything in his cage that remotely resembles a tool for escaping, has to be removed immediately! Amazing!!

I sincerely trust that you have enjoyed this trip and visit with us? Thankyou for stopping by.
Hope to see you soon! God bless and take care!


  1. Is the honey badger Stoffel? I saw a programme on some of them, one in particular who was very good at escaping!

  2. Yes! Dee! I believe so! Lol!!