Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A Field Mouse

Hello again!

After much deliberation, as to what I should post tonight, I decided to first sift through all my photographs and found these of my daughter caring for a little Field Mouse that was found at my beloved's house; (some time ago.)
At that stage my daughter, Cheney, was home on leave and was given this baby to care for. She decided to set him free the day before she had to leave for work; back to the game Lodge at the Kruger National Park and couldn't take him with her. Much to her dissatisfaction!

He was actually very cute and recognised her voice whenever she called him and spoke to him.

 Cheney is a big animal lover and has nursed numerous animals back to health.

I love this girl and am very proud of her. Hope you enjoyed my short story and the pics. The photos say it all. Have a beautiful evening and thanks for stopping at my Blog. See you soon!

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