Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Well, we are back into the swing of things and a new week has started.

 What a very sad, draining and emotional day it was today. I said goodbye to a very dear friend who had cancer. This is a first for me; losing a friend. Sometimes the pain is so bad that one doesn't know how to feel or react. Should we just ............"BE"? I don't know.
It rained quite a bit during the funeral, which added to the sombre atmosphere. I know that she would like me to post happy things and she loved visiting me whilst i was busy crocheting, quilting or restoring something. I found these pics of a Granny Blanket that i crocheted for her  once upon a time, but unfortunately i cannot find the finished product. She chose the colours and i often found the blanket lying around her house, which gave me an indication that it was being well-used.

Sleep tight friends of my blog and have a wonderful day tomorrow.

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