Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some inspiration.....  for our house in the Karoo...

I have soooo many small pieces of fabric in my stash and can quite easily convert a crochet tablecloth or something for the valance. Hope it also inspires you to do something special and inexpensive for a window treatment?

I recently saw this dresser in a local shop here in our town and had my eye on it for a long time. After trying to convince the owner to sell it to me, he decided that he wanted to keep it for the shop. I sadly left my name and cell number in case he changed his mind, and went home.
I popped around there last week and asked where the dresser was. The shop assistant told me that it was sold!!! can you believe it? I often wonder why people do that??
Anyway, I consoled myself with the fact that I will find a better one at a later stage. Who knows????

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