Monday, September 9, 2013

Good Morning once again!
What a busy last few weeks it's been, travelling to Johannesburg a couple of times.
Anyway, hubby arrives home this Friday, so there is lots to do before he lands!
His quilt is finally complete!! Yayyyyy!! I can't believe it! Will be taking pics this morning and posting later on today.

I bought this pretty bird feeder a while back and just don't have the heart to hang it in the garden for the elements to destroy! The sun is so harsh out here in the North West Province (South Africa), so I opted to hang it on the verandah under the rafters where it has some protection. I have 7x other feeders scattered around my garden which I keep topping up with seed, fruit, bread or whatever I have in stock. So, I think the birds are well catered for. I'm trying to introduce plants that the nectar - eating birds will also go for.

2x bird feeders that are well used at the back of the garden.

While I was sitting in hubby's study the other morning, I noticed a little 'white eye' sucking nectar from a small aloe. How privileged we are to witness them. Can you see him....right in the centre of the photograph. I didn't want to move around too much because they are terribly shy, so just took the pic from my desk.

Anyway I have to set up the props for my 'Star Quilt' so that I can take some nice photographs for you all! Take care. Until next time.

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