Sunday, November 10, 2013

......Fraai..... Parys

When you enter enStyle you are surrounded by an array of beautiful and inspiring shops!

'Fraai' is filled with all sorts of interesting and unusual clothing and  interior decor items. You do not know where to start looking! I want to share some of the photographs I took upon my last visit there.
I'm going to just give you a taste of what's to come!

I cannot resist old suitcases and have quite a collection myself!

The entrance to Fraai...

 You will be met by the beautiful owner Rolandi who takes great pride in what she has to offer you!

So many interesting and unique objects.

I cannot wait to lay my hands on these buttons!

You are so tempted to make a purchase just so that it can be bagged in one of these gorgeous gift packets!!

You may follow Rolandi and "fraai" on facebook! Please pay her a visit!

 Thankyou for stopping by. Tomorrow we will visit "Merci" - the French lace and linen shoppe!

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  1. Another fabulous shop. I really love that trunk with its quilted pattern - fabulous!