Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Good morning everybody! Hope your week has been good so far?

I would like to continue with my friendly weavers and share their work with you. I took these photographs over 2 days because I was slightly hesitant at first to drop off the whole suite in one go! What if it was stolen during the night because they have nowhere to store their furniture? We live in South Africa ....... you know and how could I expect them to replace the whole set?

Here James is softening the cane in a bucket of water before he starts the weaving process. This chair was completed the same day I dropped it off! No time to waste with these 2! So I felt more confident to take the rest of the set the following day - early morning! They assured me that I would have the whole set (repaired) by late afternoon!....hmmmmm.... whatever.. I thought, but to my surprise....

 The following day I caught him doing some 'accounting'. He likes to keep book of all the work he does on a daily basis. As I mentioned in my previous post, these men work under very undesirable conditions but don't allow that to deter them. Quite admirable.

 He wets the area that has to be covered.......

....pat pat pat.....

Always time for a smile .....  life is good...

They work with such ease that one is caught up in the moment

He also spotted a missing supporting bar underneath the 2 - seater and replaced it for me, which I had actually forgotten about! It feels strong and well-placed now so the 'heavy weights' can sit with ease, knowing that my couch will not collapse on them!

 This takes a certain amount of concentration....

I hope that you have discovered something new? I have an added appreciation for these people and it's very pleasing to drive past them every day and wave at my new friends.

You will get a glimpse of my new cane suite once I have given it a touch of paint! I was told to paint it with an enamel-based paint! Works best according to Daniel and James! I already have recovered the cushions in a vintage fabric, so can't wait to share those pics with you!

Have a happy day and God bless!!


  1. What skilled craftsmen they are. I am always in awe of people who take pride in what they do & do it well, no matter what the job. You certainly made a good choice to get the lovely set fixed because it is a lovely shape. Can't wait to see the new look xx

  2. Thanks very much Dee!! I will post it soon! Thanks for reading & your comment!x