Friday, February 14, 2014

Good Morning!!

Well as I promised, here are the "after" photographs - of our lavender sprucing up! I think it made a HUGE difference to the cottage!

We also roped dad in to help with the taping up of the windows and that speeded up the painting process!! In between that, dad made endless cups of tea and coffee and served us lunch!! Delicious English sandwiches washed down with cool drinks! A blessing in the scorching Karoo heat reaching temperatures of 40 degrees!!

Hello......????? Oh boy, these 2 girls are driving me crazy!! I suppose they want tea again??

Adrie concentrating as I caught her through the bathroom curtain.

There's always time for a smile...

We also gave the small front gate a good sanding and lick of lavender paint!

The 'shabby chic' look is great but we just had to paint this little gate lavender!!


The (black) front door is now lavender....

.....the little gate is hanging.... and painted lavender...

Everything looks so fresh and new......... and lavender

....outside the bathroom window.... with lavender growing underneath....

Well? .... what do you think? You love it as much as we do?
Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow.

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  1. So very beautiful - I cannot believe I missed commenting on this post - so beautiful, you girlies did so well xx