Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Karoo

Driving back from Mossel Bay....
Good morning.....

Hope you are all well? I can feel that temperatures are starting to drop during the evenings, which means that we are approaching Autumn one of these days! That would be "fall" for many people in other parts of the world.

As I was saying yesterday, we jumped into the sea and later headed back towards Aberdeen, in the Karoo. My dad in law was also anxious for us to get back as I think he was a bit lonely and missing us!

Some pics I took along the way back to Aberdeen. The Karoo is no longer a dry desert!! Hot!! Yes!! But very green and even lush in some places!
I did not have much time to take lots of photographs along the way as we were in a hurry!

WE stopped along the way when I saw some wild geese and tried to catch (camera) a mother goose with her brood, but they fled when they saw us stop the vehicle! They had been swimming in this pond! You can actually see her almost in the centre of the photograph, with her brood trailing behind her!!

I picked up this leopard tortoise along the road and moved it into the veld. Was too close to the pain road for my liking! My daughter (who's studying nature conservation) says its on the endangered list and one of the "small five"!! It insisted on wading through this puddle of water!

 As one turns into Aberdeen, you see the Camdeboo Mountains! Such a glorious view!

 Thanks for popping in! See you tomorrow! Hopefully I will show Aunty Ira's beautiful Antique shop!!

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  1. What a fabulous tortoise - they are such lovely animals - loving your photos xx