Thursday, February 27, 2014

Visit to Graaff Reinet..

Lunch with a legend....

I couldn't resist stealing a pic or two of these gorgeous sunflowers, supplied to the coffee shoppe by a local farmer's wife!!

We spent the day in the famous town of Graaf Reinet. It was nominated "Town of the Year in 2012" and also visited with the 'famous' Ira Maasdorp. She has featured in many magazines, books and TV shows; for her vast knowledge of the Karoo, Anglo Boer War and Antiques.

Aunty Ira is a wealth of knowledge and one never tires of her conversation. She knows something about every piece of furniture in her antique shop as well and some pieces have quite a history! We had lunch at this very quaint and beautiful nursery / florist / coffee shoppe!! Too delightful for words! These sunflowers were on the She owns the popular antique shop Reinette Antiques which lies on the main road through the town. You cannot miss it as it has 2x horse-drawn carts on the verandah / stoep. The house is very old and in 1947 when the King and Queen visited South Africa, they stayed in this house.

Ira Maasdorp.....a legend. One of my favourite people!

We had lunch with aunty Ira at this quaint coffee shoppe / nursery in Graaf Reinette.

We will pop into her famous antique shop tomorrow!
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  1. Absolutely fabulous post - I too love sunflowers & have heard you talk of Ira Maasdorp so lovely to put a face to a name xx