Monday, February 3, 2014


The details on the Wall of Remembrance touched the 3 of us and we spent a long time reading the names of all the people who perished in the camp. I left the area with a very heavy heart!

My mom and Bev chatting and listening to Bert.

The list of adults ('Volwassenes') on the "honour roll"....

Bev's maiden name is Herbst and to her surprise she found some forefathers who were also in the Camp. This touched her deeply .

A separate list of all the children ('kinders') who perished here.

More names...

We also have some Kruger ancestors who died here.

A serious moment with Bev looking on pensively!

Time for a smile before we move on!

Thankyou for stopping by! I hope that this series has touched you as much as me? Take care!
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  1. So many surnames that are familiar in my wider family tree - it is always humbling to see the names like that. Thanks for sharing Rix xx