Monday, March 3, 2014

........back to Aberdeen......

These are the last few photographs that I have left of our trip in Aberdeen!

By the way......I am thrilled that my daughter, Cheney is also following my blog while she's sitting far away in the bush in Hoedspruit, South Africa. She's studying Wildlife Conservation and you can go like their page. They are called "Campfire Academy". Oh, boy!! I miss her terribly!

Back to Aberdeen.... we cleaned out Cheney's bedroom which is also a spare room and lately all the extra bits of furniture, basins, doors, fittings, etc, has been stacked in there. Much of that stuff is meant for the other house on the plot, which we are renovating at the moment. I have not posted any pics of it yet. Will do so when I have more to show. It's just a mess at the moment!
So, we moved the furniture around after we cleaned and treated the floors with a mixture that Adrie's granny used to make for the wooden floors on their farm; back in the old days. It consists of 1x bottle raw linseed oil, tin of Cobra wax polish,1x bottle of turpentine and thinners. Mix all together in an old tin or pot on top of the stove until the Cobra polish has melted. We used a large coffee tin. Stir and mix well, then apply to the clean (dust-free) wooden floor & rub in well. Polish off after a few minutes.

Some serious cleaning going on here, and shuffling around of furniture so that dad can accommodate visitors if they sleep over.

We cleared out the bedroom & stacked all the furniture in the TV lounge!

Better sleeping quarters now: waiting for my darling sister in law Deirdre!

A different angle. Had nowhere else to place these chairs, so will have to stay there for now, until we move them over to the other house!
See the baby's cane crib behind the rocker. It was given to me by friends we made in Aberdeen!! I am thrilled with it and will have to dress it up once I know where it will be placed after all the renovations are done! I believe it's about 80 yrs old!!

 This is the old "Barber's Chair" we fetched in Mossel Bay,

..... and the Captains sea chest.

Adrie saying a very sad goodbye to dad.

She decided to give the garden one last water....

We stopped at Adrie's dad in Henneman, Orange Free State, to say 'hello' and I met his pet meercat! What a friendly little creature!! I have always wanted one and believe they make amazing pets!!

Goodbye everybody. Travel safely! See you tomorrow!

I spent the day in Parys on Sunday and visited En Style. My favourite place!!

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  1. What a fabulous post … I am coming to visit, just have to co-ordinate it with lots of students, people & family to find a time that works ….

    I love all the bits you have collected xx