Saturday, March 1, 2014

Reinet Antiques

Well the time has dawned for me to share more photographs of aunty Ira's shop! I have in previous posts but she has new pieces of furniture rotating continuously!

There are actually 2 horse carts on opposite sides of the entrance welcoming the visitor to the front door and "stoep".

You will find the most beautiful tables and chairs.

The main "lounge" hosts a massive photograph of the King and Queen's visit to South Africa in 1947 and can be seen to the right of the photo below.

They actually sat in this very same lounge!

Ira may be the proud owner of the oldest fruit cake in the world. She found it in 1985 whilst cleaning out the loft of her shop. It was baked in 1902 to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary of Frans and Caroline te Water and stands on the beautiful mantlepiece.

A close up of the photograph!  Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth - seated, with the 2 princesses Elizabeth (left standing) and Margaret (half seated).
Elizabeth celebrated her 21st birthday in S.A!

The dining room area of her shop.

This beautiful old rocking horse stands facing the front door of the shop.

See the long and wide passages of these old historical homes!

I just love this old baby push chair. It belonged to Ira and she sat in it as a child. So, this one is not for sale!

I do love these massive windows with their storm shutters. All still original!

 This old till is still in use and stands on Ira's desk. Unbelievable!!

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed the visit to her shop! I never tire of it!
Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely weekend! x

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