Saturday, October 5, 2013


I don't normally visit cemetries / graveyards 'for the fun of it', but because Aberdeen is such an old historical town, it holds such a lot of history and many untold stories. Linda and I decided to pay all the 'sleeping beauties' a visit and our respects. We also wanted to see if we could find the oldest marked graves. Charles sat in the car and read a magazine as his leg was still sore after recovering from the last bout of poisonous infection, but didn't mind us taking our time.

I love the decorative iron work fencing that protects some of the older graves. Unfortunately a lot of graves get ransacked and torn down, which is a pity.

Linda was fascinated with some of the inscriptions which are in Dutch; since the early settlers to South Africa were Dutch, and being Afrikaans, she was able to read them quite easily and fluently. Very interesting and poignant.

A baby's grave.

Dear Linda has a passion for life and been my spiritual soul mate as well and kept me going over the past few years at school. How blessed I was to have had her as a colleague and friend.

This was one of the earliest marked graves that we found. I believe there must have been earlier graves, but many of the headstones' inscriptions are no longer legible or visible.

There were hundreds of 'mounds' like these in the foreground with no headstones or grave markers at all. It could be because the deceased were paupers or that the markers were either stolen or disintegrated from age. Apparantely serious criminals and murderers from this era's graves were also not marked.

A lady by the name of 'Fanny' wife of Frans CW Eacle lies here. After a short illness of 6 hours, she passed away. Aged 45 yrs. The whole grave is fenced off and overgrown with creepers now.

A beautiful monument to the fallen soldiers from the Anglo Boer War.

A sad but simple ending to it all......

Good night dear friends and followers. Thankyou once again for your support and encouragement.
See you tomorrow and God bless you!

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