Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Good morning everybody!

I consider myself very fortunate when I see beautiful things, whether it's in nature or handmade.
So, although we live in a country that has a lot of crime and instability, one just cannot stand in awe of the beauty and majesty of the mountains, the open plains / veld and ever-changing seascape. We also have some lovely old buildings and a colourful history, which led me to do some exploring around the old cemetry in Mossel Bay. The gate was locked, so I decided ...."Here's a challenge"... and I would scale the awkwardly- shaped wall while hubby sat in the car (and took some sneaky photographs!)

Sad to see some of the tombstones falling over!

I love these sandstone walls.

Don't you just love the mountains in the background?

These tombstones remind me of old soldiers standing to attention and waiting...

See the old rusted cast iron fencing that surrounds some of the graves. They don't make them like this anymore! Pity!

We cannot figure out why there is an open passage separating the two graveyards?? Will make a point of finding out when next we visit there!

The old part of the cemetry - right at the bottom of the hill.

Here we go....after about 10 minutes I finally managed to crawl over! It doesn't look very high,but trust me it is. I actually injured and grazed my arm! Ouch!

....almost there..

"...oh, ja!! How the heck am I gonna get back again?" I asked hubby?  He just laughed at me!!

A different atmosphere and world down here. Glad I took the chance!

Another view of the bay!

Here we go over again! I got the knack of it now... hmmmm... lovely view!

 ...but difficult to get a grip with a sore arm! My own fault and I would do it again! Thanks for stopping by! I will behave myself on my next post!

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  1. Lovely photos Rix - I love browsing old spaces, reading the stones & wondering about the lives behind the dates. They tell stories about our history & past ....