Sunday, October 20, 2013

GEORGE.......the climb...

We finally stopped halfway up the mountain pass to take some photographs! I doubt very much if I was able to capture the beauty (completely), that surrounded us, but you now have an idea.

You wouldn't say that I suffer from vertigo! But as I've mentioned before, I become so absorbed in what I was filming, that I forget where I am! There's quite a 'drop' down below!

Charles sneaked some pics of me and now I'm pleased that he did! I suddenly look quite brave!

My darling... who saved me from extinction!!!

Can you imagine our forefathers trekking over these mountain passes trying to find a way for us, who shall come later on? I often sit and ponder upon their hazardous journeys with ox wagons, women and children. Caring for the elderly and sick people! The roads were bumpy and treacherous. There were mostly no roads and they had to cut them out of the mountain sides at times!! I have so much appreciation now for who we are and what we have. We are such a small part of this big world and I feel so humbled!

Young Cape mountain heather

Cape fynbos or Erica deliciosa.... lasts so long in a vase if used as a cut flower. They even dry so beautifully and maintain their rich colour!

Carpobrotus edulis or "suur vygie". These are edible and the sap has medicinal properties.

Imagine crawling up this road in an oxwagon?

A seriously quiet moment with one amazing human being!

Would you be able to get across these mountains? Never mind in an oxwagon!!!

It's amazing how quickly nature can recover from an "attack" to itself! Here the side of the mountain was blasted away to form a road and soon plants and flowers take root and flourish again!

The white flowers are a 'chrysanthemum species'.

Charles took the following 6x photographs with his 'I-Phone'. He also loves sneaking pics of me which I loathe! I prefer being behind the camera and not in front of it!

I am so content when I have my camera and get totally lost in what I'm photographing!

Thankyou for sharing these special moments with us! These are very dear to my heart and the photos will be cherished forever!
See you tomorrow as we drive back into the Karoo and you will see how quickly the landscape changes into a different beauty of its own!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful photos & thoughts Riekie - my ancestors made that trek from the Cape to the Transvaal on wagons - 7 months it took them & it was filled with dangers & perils - we live in such different times!