Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another day has begun.

I enjoy posting on my blog early in the morning while my youngest - Rohan- prepares for school. The house is quiet and I can 'think' without any interruption. One cannot believe how much thought it takes to post something worthwhile, so I can understand why so many people do not post every day. We don't always have lots to say. I think that since I am a photographer and while I have so many photographs at hand, I may still have something to say. I usually take my camera with me wherever I go, which does help a lot.

After we dropped my son and Laura off at the airport on Friday afternoon, we spent some time with my mom in Benoni. I was amazed at how beautiful her garden is.

My mom and Watson, her Malawian assistant who has been helping her for over 10 years! He has helped her with digging, painting, scraping plaster and basic building chores. He has been quite a reliable and trustworthy support to her all these years. It's really refreshing to see the pride on his face when you compliment him on his work.

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