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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hello everybody! 

Don't you just love this block? Its part of the Belle Quilt by Tiki Brophy>

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The next quilt in the making. This is for someone special....

The recipient will be revealed soon.

Just 3 more 'sleeps', then hubby will be home after a 2 month stint away. Have to get as much stitching done so that i have more time to spend with him, so this post is 'short n sweet!'
Take care until next time.
AUTUMN :...............

Well, today I can definitely feel that autumn is finally showing her beautiful face in the ever- changing leaves , cool mornings and evenings. I will post some photographs as the situation allows. But first let me share some beautiful quilts with you.
                                                             The first hand stitched quilt I made was for my daughter. She wanted a pink and black one. This is a Tiki Brophy design called " Always believe in angels among us".                                                      I just cant wait for the cooler weather to start hand quilting and        snuggle up under all the quilted love.

Bunting I made from same fabrics for her bedroom. She has now ordered a Block Quilt, but that will have to wait a while as I have about 8 other projects that have to be completed first.

 A block quilt I made for our bed last year.

A close up of one of the detailed blocks:

I just love love the old leather suitcases and have a collection of them. This one I actually used on a short trip to visit my mom ; much to my teenagers 'disgust'. You cannot believe how spacious they are, strong and sturdy.

 Made these crumpets from a recipe book I received from the kids for my birthday. They were decorated with fresh fruit, honey and fresh cream. Pure delight for the craving tastebuds.

                                       Delightful! Makes one look like a 'pro' but so easy.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Crocheting & Cushions..................................

Hi! once again everybody!!

What a privilege it is to do crafts. I try my hand at many things that tickle my fancy. Crocheting is one of them. During the December holiday I crocheted a whole bunch of flowers which i used to decorate some cushions. I kept myself busy in the car on the long trip down to the Karoo to our holiday home. I hate wasting time, even in the car , so always have something for my hands to do.
The cushion -above- found its way to the UK to my dear friend and sister in law, Dee. She just loves and appreciates all handmade things.
I kept this cushion for myself, but still prefer the one above. What do you think of them?

The following two cushions i also recently made for our home, with the left over fabric that i used for the Vintage American Star quilt. You will find pictures of that on an earlier post. Go and have a look.

                                         Cushion no.1:
Before :

                                                                            After :

I used one of my husband's check flannel shirts to finish it off. See the buttons along the side. I never removed them as I thought it added some character. What do u think? Please drop me a line and tell me or share some of your creations.

Cushion no. 2 :

Before :

After :

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