Monday, August 12, 2013

Lions @ Stella

While we were in Stella, Stephen took us to see some privately owned lions, belonging to a friend of his. They are so well fed and lazy, but the minute one shows signs of maybe being tired or injured, they rush up to the fence and start stalking you. Very scary! I never realised how big they actually are. I measured whilst I stood against the fence and the lions' heads reached as high as my shoulder. 

Charles taking some photographs. See how alert and curious they are.

Taking pics....

A young male

After our visit there, I have more respect for them now. You don't stand a 'cat's chance' against one of them. These are reasonably calm, but I still wouldn't chance anything. They are opportunists, but still very beautiful and majestic. Every time we have been in the game park and seen lions, they look reasonably big but not that bad. Don't kid yourself........... lions are huge and remain king of the jungle!

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