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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Good morning darlings!

I'm drawing to a close with my Karoo adventures....for now! I just have to share some of my favourite photos with you.

I'm off to Parys tomorrow to have a claw foot - for a bath - cast and the bath  re-enamelled! Isn't it amazing that one can get that kind of service in such a small town? I have struggled for 2 weeks to find somebody to do that for me in Johannesburg, but no luck! People don't even have the courtesy of returning your call and it's business for them! Shocking! So i will do the effort of travelling all the way to Parys and even place some beautiful photographs of their businesses on my blog. I don't mind that it's maybe a bit of free advertising for them. They are kind , friendly, open-hearted people. I have already arranged with a few of my friends who own antique shops and boutiques, to take some photographs. Letitia has graciously agreed that i return for more photos of her beautiful 'haven' - enStyle. I can't wait! but first the last of my recent Karoo pics!

Have a beautiful day!

 A beautiful wall built many years ago and each brick lovingly placed - by hand!

A common form of transport - especially in the Karoo! Young children drive the donkey carts -alone.

Racing at top speed through the town. Wonder if there are any traffic officers? Never saw any!

Typical Karoo vegetation covering the landscape..... Aloe

Sluice gates

 At last..... the sun sets on a glorious day and the end of my recent trip to Nieu Bethesda and Aberdeen! I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did? Take care and God bless!

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