Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hello again!!

Well, I'm back on my original blog again! The first one I started and because of technical difficulties, I had to leave it and start a new one. Now that one is playing up and my first blog is allowing me to work on it again! So, I really don't know whatsup as I am no IT Specialist! My poor daughter has been tearing her hair out now for almost a week trying to advise and assist. So, here we are again! I'm frustrated and sad because it feels as if I have to grieve something that has passed away! I couldn't get back into my old blog and gave up on all the technical assistance I begged Google and Blogger for and they never even answered my cries for help!

I have to change my way of thinking and calm down as this has been a traumatic week for me. Who would think that a lack of and struggle to blog, can cause so much heart ache and frustration! Damn!!

So, I apologise profusely to anybody who may also be irritated with me. Please continue supporting me. I love and appreciate it all!
God bless.

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