Sunday, August 11, 2013

Well, its been a while, but I'm back in full swing! Sometimes we just have too much to do and the demands on a wife and mother are just huge at times. Anyway, this is for Margaret - from our Prayer Shawl Group and who quilts with Tiki. Thanks for the encouragement as far as my blog is concerned. I appreciate the kind words Margaret!

You may all ask what I've been doing the past few days, not so?......

Well, I've been busy with the furniture restoration and quilting in between. I had exactly ONE week to create a baby's quilt for a friend and handed it over to her at the Stork Tea yesterday. So, we can do whatever we set our minds to. I've proved it to myself over and over again. Sometimes much to my own detriment.

The start and planning of baby Annebeth's quilt :

 Upon completion of the quilt:

Close up :

Tell me what you think of the quilt. Your comments are always appreciated! Thankyou.

Now for the furniture that I have been working on......

Sometime ago my husband bought himself a large and comfy wingback chair and a gorgeous chaise longue for me. Something that I have always wanted for the aesthetic and historical beauty, but both items of furniture needed re-upholstering. I decided to paint the legs of both chairs and the lovely spindles on the chaise. Silver for the wingback's legs and antique ivory for the chaise. I will cover the wingback in a charcoal grey and the chaise in a stunning paisley pattern. Can't wait to show you.

 Before :

 Fabric I will cover the wingback with :

The chaise after I painted the legs and arm rest - before it gets its new covering. 

 Seems like it was attacked by somebody's cat and used as a scratching post! How people can be so careless.... I don't know!!

The fabric I hope to use on the chaise. What do you think of my choice?

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