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Sunday, 7 July 2013


Visit to The Owl House...

Hello again after a long absence. I seem to be working harder at home than I did at school!! What with hubby home again from Ghana and a trip down to the Eastern Cape to check on the building renovations and our dad.

During our busy schedule at Aberdeen, we managed a long overdue visit to The Owl House at Nieu Bethesda, just outside Graaff Reinette. You will find the story of Helen Martin and her Owl House on the internet. It makes interesting reading. Anyway I will share some photographs I took there. Something I found bizarre, was the fact that Helen mixed crushed glass with paint and painted all the walls and doors of the interior of her house. Every conceivable surface in the house was painted with crushed glass that was mixed with paint. After her mother passed away, she put her father in an outside room which she painted black and he stayed there until his death. Helen died at age 75 by drinking caustic soda.

This post is dedicated to my dear sister in law Deirdre Snook, who shares my love for photography, beautiful things and fascination for the Owl House. Thanks for all the love, constant support and encouragement, Dee! You can follow Deirdre on her beautiful

Most of the figurines face East

This donkey is covered with crushed glass!


These figurines are  decorated with large pieces of broken glass.

Every statue / figurine tells a story..... which I'm still trying to understand....

From inside the kitchen looking out...

 Inside the kitchen

 The bathroom (left) ...............and courtyard

Outside store room. Note the glass inlays on the floor!


One of the bedrooms. Take note..Crushed glass painted onto the walls!

The bedrooms are sparse with just the necessary furnishings..
A chaise partly covered with animal skin

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