Sunday, August 11, 2013

     For those of you who celebrated the day, i hope it was all you ever wanted it to be!

Sadly, My Valentine is out of the country but it was still a good day. The flowers and gifts were from my kids who will always try and turn a mundane day into something special. Thanks Freddy, Laura, Cheney and Rohan. They are sensitive enough to know that it is somewhat difficult when your man is far away and they always try make an effort to cheer me up.
Don't you just love the words in..."grow old with me..."? My hubby used them when he proposed to me so I thought they were quite appropriate today and reminded me of him.           
  Every day should be a day where we love tremendously, laugh loads and spread some joy and happiness to everybody whom we meet. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

What is YOUR interpretation of 'love'?   Please feel free to leave a comment.   has a gorgeous Valentine's Day post today. Please drop in and visit her lovely Blog.

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