Friday, August 16, 2013


The costume is done! Complete and looks better than I thought! Unfortunately I may not show it now, but will do once the competition is over.

This page is dedicated to my kids who are flying overseas tonight and all our friends and family who have supported them( and myself)! I realise once again that we need each other. Even if it's just an encouraging word or sms message. So many people have sponsored them in so many different ways. One gets overwhelmed at the love and support people still have in their hearts for others. This has once again renewed my trust and faith in other people!

I am very tired this morning and feeling quite fragile. We had a crisis yesterday with the costume, but thanks to dear Adrie who had a good idea to resolve the matter and dear Tiki supporting me on the fone, I was able to resolve the matter and am over the moon happy.

Laura & Fred taken sometime ago at a restaurant after one of their competitions.
They have been together for 10 yrs and still very much in love. They are good for each other and good to one another and all of us! A rare find. She is beautiful inside and outside. I'm thankful for all the small and big blessings in my life!

 A relaxed family pic taken shortly before Charles left for his last trip.

We drive them through to O.R Tambo airport just now and the kids, mom and I will be back tomorrow afternoon! Pse pray for their and our safety.

So, happy weekend everybody. Chat tomorrow. God bless.

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